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Hi my name is Dan(name changed) am 23 now with good physic and 6.1 feet tall.
I am from Mangalore. Today am going to explain you the real incident happened to me. I am a regular visitor of this site and this is where I can share my experience Bindas. This incident happened when I was 19. I was doing my degree at that point of time. I have one of my Uncles staying in Bangalore

I normally visit there every year on my vacation. It was a summer vacation of my college I was been there. My uncle got a family of 4 members. Uncle, Aunt, 2 daughters who were of 19 and 18 years old. I visit there every year but this time when I visited there was special waiting for me my aunt her name is Vijaya was a huge lady she is around 39, weight around 80. My uncle was around 45 thin man bit shorter then her. He is a Bank employee. 29-04-06 I still remember the date when I had first sex.

I was been to their place on my Vacations. Uncle picked me from Majestic and we came home. I had Breakfast and took a warm shower and I went into my bed as I was tired traveling. I slept for 4 hours and got up in the afternoon> Aunt was waiting for the Lunch. She had prepared Fish that I love and we had lunch together with chit chat about my college life, friends, and family. Time was 3 pm we saw TV together. At 4 my cousins came from school had their food and they went to their tuition's.

I was lying on my bed inside watching some TV channel. Aunt came in and asked for some tea I said no not now and she gave a wicked smile seeing my hairy chest and went on. My mind started thinking why she smiled and went on thinking till I thought is that woman interested in me. I thought to kiss and have romance with her waiting for a chance and that came after a week when my uncle told that he has a Rotary club meeting in Mysore next Saturday so he started packing cloths.

This struck my mind and wicked thoughts came into my mind. I was waiting for that Saturday. It was the Saturday morning. I woke up at 8am uncle had already left by train to Mysore. Cousins were getting ready to go to school and got fresh and started having my breakfast. It was 9 am now where I started to watch TV and was thinking about my aunt. As I have observed she was huge with 2 big melons in a nice shape had a round ass when she used to sit on sofa and get up her nightie used to go inside her ass crack and I used to see and get tempt.

I know my uncle won’t fuck her regularly because he is weak and has diabetes so I thought I will brush up all the rust from her Pussy. So was thinking how to start. After 1 hour she came to me asking to bring some snacks from the neighboring bakery I told ok and rushed I was wearing shorts and a t shirt went to the bakery bought 2 pack of Bourbon biscuits we sat together started to have it in front of TV and while swapping channel she saw a kissing scene on AXN.

I smiled myself and even she saw me and started smiling herself now here my pump started pumping I though this is showing some kind of green signal told her that watch AXN it’s a good movie where I dint know anything about that movie she switched on AXN and there was kissing scene and the scene was stopped and Some other office scene came on Screen she told "We missed it" I asked what she laughed and said we missed what you wanted to see and I asked what me don’t u like to see that she replied laughing

I watch it regularly. I was surprised by her answer and I was shocked. I asked where do u see and then she took a promise of my family saying not to tell anyone I agreed and she told there is a Lady called Mrs. Fiona Dias in her next flat who is her best friend where my aunt hang out in her flat when she finds time. Mrs. Dias husband is in Bahrain and her son is in Thailand so she lives all alone in a big flat very sexy woman of 50. There this 2 ladies watch porn and enjoy by rubbing each others Pussy.

Aunt told all this to me after I had sex with her she said that uncle don’t get proper erection because of Diabetes so she is not enjoying sex from past 4 years so I told not to worry am here now will make sure u will get it. I went near her ears and kissed her ears she started breathing heavily then I kissed her face and then started smooching her it went for more than 10 mins and i started squeezing her heavy boobs and took it out from her nightie she was wearing black bra if removed her bra

But she started closing my eyes by her hand I told don’t worry aunty let me see she took her hand away and I saw her huge melon with big brown patch of nipple. I was surprised to see that and I directly put my mouth on her nipple she started moaning and said please suck it hard and I started biting it slowly where she started shivering and acting like a mad then I told her to remove her nightie and she removed and inside she was wearing a langa I removed it and

She was in just one piece show wore green underwear and with huge ass I told her that I want to see her ass, he told to remove my dress without delaying I took my t - shirt n my shorts I was only in my black underwear she came near me and she started squeezing my dick and she took it out. She was surprised to see a dick and told this is much bigger than your uncle and I told her to suck she told I don’t like to do that but I will try so I told please

Aunty u should then she told ok and held my dick squeezed it and started sucking she was too good sucker that my dick grew and I couldn’t control and I told her to take it out and then I removed her underwear slowly was surprised to see her pussy little bit of hair but was big and brownish red. I just told her to turn around so that I can see her bare ass wow! it was so good that I took my tool and started to rub her ass hole she told not to insert there and I told

Ok and came front and smelled her pussy it had a bit odor smell. I don’t mind I put my lips inside her pussy and started licking like a dog she started rolling her hips and was shouting then I licked and told her that I will insert my tool she told please do that and I inserted my big dick inside and I felt some warm sensation and my dick went so easily that she stared moaning and told hit me hard now I started fucking her so hard that she started sweating.

I fucked her on her bed then she told me to fuck on chair, sofa, above washing machine, etc etc. and finally we fucked inside bathroom and I shot 2 huge loads of sperm on her lips she felt dirty and washed it we fucked 7 times that day and even at night she came 2 my room and we fucked from 2am to morning 5am she was a awesome lady.


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